About The League of Intrepid Travelers and Explorers

The League of Intrepid Travelers and Explorers is a loose coalition of individuals and groups, seeking to expand the horizons of human knowledge and increase scientific advancement. More covertly they supply information to those groups who defend the defenseless from evil of all kinds. We are the seekers, the searchers, the finders and the discoverers. We go to the places where no one else wants to go, and explore the places no one has ever been before. We see, we hear, we know, and we pass that information onto those who need it most.

In reality this group is intended to be interactive. To allow members to share information and participate in League activities, either as themselves or their character, in order to make the Teslacon experience last year round and make other such events more enjoyable. It also gives members a channel on which to communicate and perhaps meet at events.